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Polarization in the Philosophy of Mind

14/04/09 | by Markus Schroer [mail] | Categories: schroer
What I want to do in this article is to show that in the philosophy of mind the generic human tendency to polarize spoils our concept of the human mind, particularly that of the freedom of the will. For this purpose, I shall also discourse on the philosophical concept of freedom in general.Polarization in the Philosophy of MindIn the more recent philosophical discussion in the philosophy of mind, we have abandoned occasionalism, psychophysical parallelism, epiphenomenalism, and mental monism. Still, the are more than two alternatives, of course, and we must distinguish them in detail. That is, I do not want to contend that we face a polarization in the sense that we ignore possible alternatives concerning, say, the interacting of mind and brain. I rather want to concern myself with the problem of compatibilism and incompatibilism, that is, the question whether physical determinism and freedom of the will are reconcilable. My thesis, then, is this: We are not, as it seems on the face of it, interlocked between compatibilism and incompatibilism (if we embrace physicalism), since there is nothing that could be compatible or incompatible. more »


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